Q: What's my size?

A: Small: bust 32-34 inches at fullest part; hips 33-36 inches at fullest part.
Medium: bust 
35-37 inches at fullest part; hips 37-39 inches at fullest part.
Large: bust 38-40 inches at fullest part; hips 39-42 inches at fullest part. 
And if you're unsure, please contact me with questions prior to ordering.

Q: When can I expect my order?

A: I make everything to order, that means it might take a little longer for me to ship your item than it would take an online store with inventory. At most, you should expect your order in two weeks, but there is a possibility it could take longer (i.e. my fabric order is slow). 

Q: How do I wash my bikini?

A: As for most swimwear, rinse your bikini in cold water after use and hang to dry. If you think it needs a little extra scrubbing, add a very small amount of detergent to a sink full of water and swish the bikini in it for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water and hang to dry. Never put your bikini in the dryer.

Q: I popped a seam/lost a string/damaged my bikini, can I get it repaired or get a refund?

A: If your bikini has a technical flaw, such as a seam coming undone, or a string coming off, you can send it back to me for free repairs. If it is permanently damaged during regular use, I cannot replace it. Please email me if something does happen to your bikini; I may be able to help you or offer a discount on your next purchase depending on the situation.


Q: How do I clean my bag?

A: Dirt happens, especially if you're traveling, wear it as a badge of honor. Spot clean as necessary. If you really need it clean, I suggest taking it to a dry cleaner, washers and dryers can damage items in a way that regular use will not. Do not put leather trimmed items in the washer or dryer, and avoid using chemicals on any leather. Saddle soap is best for spot cleaning leather. 


Q: Something busted on my bag, what can you do?

A: Like the bikinis, it depends on the situation. I may be able to repair it, or if it beyond repair offer you a discount on your next purchase. Please email me to see how I can help you.