Reasons to Love the Travel Wrap

What do you know about the first week of summer giveaway item, the travel wrap?? I love, love, love this thing, and many other women do too. (Ps. skip to the bottom to find out how to win it!)


The travel wrap is hand-dyed rayon. You choose the color, I twist and tie the rayon up so the pattern is gorgeous and different every time. The dye is permanent and holds up really, really well with washing. It has a pretty lace trim that gives it a bit of exoticism. But the wrap isn't just gorgeous, it's highly functional. Here's why:

  1. It's big, big enough to be a beach blanket, a cover-up, a towel, a shawl, a makeshift changing screen, a pillow.
  2. It is thin, allowing it to be easily stowed in a bag, unlike a towel. Superb to bring on a plane. I would have frozen to death without mine. 
  3. It's made of rayon, a semi-synthetic fiber made of cellulose (plant fiber).
    1. Rayon has a cool handfeel, meaning it feels cool and smooth against your skin. A bonus for warm weather & humidity.
    2. Rayon is highly absorbent. So when you do use it as a towel, it will actually soak up water.
    3. It's tightly woven, making it marvelously effective at blocking wind. Perfect for that time of night when the humidity still makes you warm, but the breeze gives you goose bumps. And sand won't stick to it like it would a towel.
  4. It looks freaking cool. From the variegations in the dye, to the lace, to the way it looks blowing in the breeze, this thing will look awesome in photos (and yeah, don't be shy, you know that's important to you).

My point is, you will love the travel wrap more than you've ever loved anything you've brought on a trip. And I mean it. 

And, hello, you have a chance to win one! For free! In your favorite color! Enter now, you've got three days and your chance of winning is looking good!


So here's how to enter to win this amazing piece:

  1. Sign up for the enewsletter here
  2. Follow Maderas Beach Co. on Instagram and post the photo below (account must be public, sorry!)
  3. Tag @MaderasBeachCo and hashtag #IWantATravelWrap
  4. List one thing you're super excited about for summer!

The winner will be notified via Instagram on June 28. If you win, just email me at with your color choice and mailing address. You must email me from the email that you used to sign up for the enewsletter so I know you had a complete entry.