Tropical Tuna Bowl

I was a little bit inspired by a seared ahi tuna sushi bowl by PaleOMG to create this. I didn't have sushi grade tuna and some of the other ingredients she uses, but I did have regular tuna and some of those small yellow mangos (which are the best btw, don't buy the big ones). They only come into season for a short time and I buy as many as we'll eat while they're around. So, here we have a tropical tuna bowl, which is high protein, low carb, and super tasty.


Ingredients for two servings

1. 2 frozen tuna steaks, the pink ones in the bag in the freezer
2. 1 avocado
3. 1 small yellow mango
4. 1 head of cauliflower, riced
5. Your favorite green salsa
6. 2 scallions
7. Cilantro
8. 1 lime
9. Sriracha, Franks, or your fave hot sauce
10. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne


1. Rice your cauliflower in a food processor, put it in a microwave safe bowl to steam while you do some other things.
2. Heat a pan to medium-high heat with a tablespoon or two of coconut oil
3. Take your frozen tuna steaks out of the packaging, rinse them, and season liberally with the spices.
4. When your pan is hot, put the tuna steaks on and let them sizzle on one side while you...
5. Chop your mango, avocado, scallions, and cilantro. The yellow mangos are easier to cut than the green ones, and all you have to do is stand the mango up, and slice close to the middle down one side of the mango. Take that piece and cut it into narrow strips, maybe 1/2 inch wide, then cut across that slice but not through the skin to make cubes. Now run your knife between the skin and the flesh. Repeat for the other side of the mango and the remove any remaining skin and trim or eat what you can from the pit. 
6. After a couple minutes, flip the steaks and turn the heat down a little. I like my mine medium rare, so if they're frozen, a few minutes on each side so they're browned on the outside makes them perfect.
7. When all your things are ready, spoon cauliflower rice into two bowls, top with the tuna steak, and all your toppings to your liking.
8. And DO NOT FORGET the squeeze of lime! A little lime zest would be amazing too! I always forget the lime until we're halfway through with our bowls. 


I usually cook a few extra veggies as a side for this dish because it is low cal. Recently we've been loving parsnip fries. Just peel and chop a few parsnips into strips, toss with oil and fresh herbs (parsley, chives, and sage or thyme are my faves), salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and bake at 405 till they're browned while you're cooking the rest of your meal. I like to throw more fresh herbs and a drizzle of oil on when they're done baking for extra flavor. So good!