Reaching Your Goals

The call of quick-fix crash diets and crazy juice cleanses was loud and alluring. A siren song after a season of bodily tumult. It's March. Are you still on the bandwagon? I'm not. Oops. But since it's mid-March, I'm feeling the pressure to go into health overdrive. Gotta get dem abs back. Gotta join the latest greatest fastest workout program and recipe guide! Right?

Well, let's burst that bubble a little bit. One day of a juice cleanse, one week of clean eating, or 13/30 days of the latest 30-day shred workout isn’t going to make any lasting impact on the softness that cropped up sometime between Nov. 24 and Jan. 1. Not to mention that recent weekend you spent with friends eating candy and cheese and too much alcohol in the mountains. Just me? Ok. 

Well, I'm getting back on the wagon and I want something that will give me results. Don't you? Blitzes aren't going to do it.

You know what will?




Intent to actually improve your health.


Real food.

Hard workouts.

What does that mean though? It’s different for every person. Which means it’s up to you to determine how you can achieve consistency in the life you lead. Maybe that means getting in 3, 30 minute workouts a week. Maybe it’s 5. Maybe it means eating one less meal out per week. Or picking one day to plan and grocery shop and one day to prep. Maybe it means asking your significant other or family to help you, like really help you – assist with grocery shopping or planning meals, joining you for a family workout, or simply do more active things together.

Your first task: Think about your day to day, week to week schedule. How many 30-60 minute workouts could you reasonably fit in? Do you have time to meal prep (is there anything you can stop doing to allow this practice to fit in?)? Write. It. Down. Put it on your calendar. Tell your family or roommate your plans. You can’t jump into a 30-day shred program, thinking you’ll workout every day, if it really won’t fit in with your schedule. Be REASONABLE. This is the KEY to consistency.

What does it look like?

~In my experience, meal planning takes 1-2 hours, depending on how many new recipes I want to find.

~Grocery shopping can easily take 2+ hours.

~Meal prepping can take 1-4 hours depending on how crazy you get.

*I’m going to share some easy meals that you can prep that will be on the low end of this in a forthcoming blog post.

~You’ll need some food storage containers.

~Workouts should be 30-60 minutes, not including driving time, but sometimes 15 minute workouts in your socks and pjs are just fine.

~For the biggest impact, your meals should be plainly cooked protein, a heaping pile of green veggies, and a starchy veggie. You do need snacks, aim for high protein, low sugar, a little fat.

~Belief in your heart that putting your health first is what you want, and that steady, consistent effort will be the best for you in the long run. And maybe even by doing so, you’ll discover the body you’ve always wanted.