For The Bucket List

If you're on my blog, I have no doubt that you dream a little, stalk instagram for visual getaways, and have at least a few places on the tip of your tongue to rattle off if you're ever asked about your travel bucket list.

For me, Australia is steadily climbing to the top of my list. I don't know if it could supersede Morocco, but it's getting close. Of course, Australia has a lot to recommend itself! It's a modern country with a relaxed, western mindset. It's culturally diverse, probably more so than the US, and Aussie fashion is really starting to get worldwide attention. It has multiple climates and a lot of coastline which creates an abundance of natural wonders; and it's got a bunch of animals that the US doesn't have. 

Lately, many of the designers, people, and places I've been attracted to are Australian. It makes me wonder, would Australia be livable for me or is it simply too far away? Visiting would solve this question, but that's probably a long way off. Anyway, here are my top attractions compelling me to visit.

The Great Barrier Reef 

(of course!)

What would I give to go snorkeling and scuba diving in the GBR? I don't know. No one has given me an option yet. But this natural wonder, located on the eastern side of Australia, is a Unesco World Heritage site and is one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on our planet. Just look... I mean, really, just google the Great Barrier Reef and tell me you wouldn't die to dive there.


The Whitsundays Islands

Seventy four sandy islands peppering the Coral Sea, hemmed in by the Great Barrier Reef, create a visually stunning and sublimely peaceful collection of beaches. Whitehaven Beach is considered to be the finest beach in the world and is made up of pure white silica sand. I'm just imagining sailing from one island to the next, jumping in and wading to the next sandbar for a bit of a float in that shallow, clear water. 

Central Australia

Central Australia is home to landscapes that mimic the Southwestern US. It's dry and deserty, but also has a flourishing wine-producing region. Hiking, rock climbing, and spotting the wildlife would easily fill up a couple days, bonus points for each one capped off with a local wine!

The Major Cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

Sydney, the major, bustling, architecturally inspiring Harbour City. Melbourne, the Gold Rush era, artsy fartsy city, closest to Tasmania. And Perth, the distant, old mixed with new beach town. Of course, there's Brisbane on the Gold Coast, Adelaide in the South, and Darwin in the North on the Timor Sea. It would be a challenge to pass through them all, but also a challenge not to...







So, I want to know, is Australia on your bucket list? What would you see first? Where are you going in 2016?