To Look Cute on a Road Trip...

There's time for at least one more decent road trip this summer, and you better take advantage of it! So far, we're having a really nice Indian Summer and I'm craving a good, solid road trip before we bounce along with the leaves from September to October. I always find it difficult to pack for road trips as your primary concern when sitting in a car for 8-12 hours is comfort. But you and I love clothes and sometimes it's hard to pack some cute things without packing all your cute things, know what I mean? My suitcase is always 50% too full. The best tip I can give - mix & match. Find a color palette you love and work inside of it. A few fun things here and there are ok, but don't force yourself into overpacking by packing difficult to match items. I chose a blue/grey palette and mixed in a few fun items. What do you think? What are your must-haves for road trips? Have you taken or are you going on one this summer? Tell me!

Bottoms. I like soft and stretchy bottoms for riding in the car and these floral ones are too cute. One pair of jeans and 1-2 pairs of jean shorts are a must, but never wear jean shorts in the car.... ouch! I like these Lorna Jane gym shorts. They could be paired with any kind of top for a casual sight-seeing day, a hike, or a quick workout to stretch your legs before getting back in the car. Shop these items here.

Tops. Temperature regulation, and subsequently layering, is critical. Whether you're freezing your ass off in the car while your partner is sweating his off, or a restaurant is cold, or it's actually rainy and cool on your hike, not hot and humid, layers will keep you comfy. These are all pretty much mix and match options with the bottoms - the best way to pack. Shop these easy breezy pieces here

Shoes. Let me tell you something sad and heartbreaking. You only need three pairs of shoes on your average road trip or weekend trip. I know, I know, it's hard not to bring every option. But you only need one pair of sneakers, one cute/casual pair for walking/shopping, and one pair of sturdy, neutral sandals. The exceptions: if you're planning on intense hiking which would require hiking boots, or if you'll be using campground or outdoor showers, which necessitate the $2 Wal-Mart sandals. Nothing more! Besides, it leaves more room for souvenirs. These cute options can be shopped here.

Bags. Again, let's exercise restraint. Besides the bag you'll pack your clothes and toiletries in, you need a large tote for the car and beach/park/shopping, a cute bag for everyday, and possibly a sport pack with a hydration component (although this depends on your travels). If you have a nice camera, use your camera bag as you normally would! Shop these babes here

Accessories. Yes! You need some accessories! A good hat and a good pair of sunglasses cannot be forgotten! New wanderlusty books are important for boring stretches of road, down time, etc. You cannot take a road trip without a camera and I'm kind of obsessing over the idea of instant photos. It would be so fun and easy to make a photo collection with an Instax or Polaroid! Yes, bring jewelry and a neutral belt! This beaded belt reminds me of all the road trips I took out west with my family as a child. Fun fact, these gorgeous bracelets and necklaces are made by craftsman across the world as part of a fair trade partnership. Buying these items directly helps entrepreneurs in impoverished areas

Ps. Don't forget: pack extra undies and socks, a swimsuit, sunscreen (even in the car!), and snacks!


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Pps. These are not affiliate links and I'm not sponsored to tell you what I like :) I'll let you know if I am, tho!