Summer Trends

Summer ain't too far away, and honestly what's more fun about summer than swapping out your wardrobe and clothes, and doing a little shopping to fill in? 

Here are three trends I'm absolutely loving for summer! Click the photo to purchase, and in some cases, see more color options! :)

Easy Breezy One Piece Items

Rompers and dresses in light gauzy cottons, with sexy accents like plunging necklines and exposed shoulders are so cool right now. Could it get any easier or more comfortable to be stylish? I don't think so. To me, the rompers with long sleeves or long legs are easier to wear than the ones with both short shorts and no sleeves.

Graphic and Text Tees

Tshirts with clever words and pretty images are a fun way to appear stylish while maintaining absolute comfort (my favorite thing ever). As a jeans and tee kind of girl, this really appeals to me. I love the idea of throwing a structured blazer or leather jacket over a tee like these and mixing up my shoe options. You can make the look rocker, boho, chic, sporty.... Love.  

Sexy Fringed Heels

I'm totally obsessed with this look and am thinking of ways I can possibly diy some fringe to add to a pair of simple sandals I already have. Also, desperately needing a place to wear such a cute look! I think fringed sandals can be worn just about the same way that plain sandals can be - skirts, dresses, slacks, skinny jeans. But, they'll make you feel like the dancing girl emoji, and what's not to love about that?

What are your thoughts? How would you style these trends?