Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is just a week away! Whether you are planning something, or listening to your significant other tell you it's not important, Valentine's Day is an admittedly fun way to show someone you love them. And despite what your partner says, they'll be disappointed if you don't do at least a little something, so I thought I might gather together some ideas for the people like me who haven't planned a single thing.

1. Tell the people you love that you love them! That goes for single and taken people, mom and dad, grandparents, friends, neighbors. Express to them in no uncertain terms that you really, truly care about them. 

2. If you don't normally cook in your household, now is the time to step forward! The family cook really does put a lot of effort into the daily acts of cooking, whether your family is 2 people or 5. Make your beloved cook breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or all three! And yes, dessert is required!

3. Go find the sunset. Take your beloved on a sunset hike, or walk, or drive, and hold each other tight as you watch the sun go down. Talk about your dreams and your fears. Share a kiss.

4. Bring your sweetie their favorite treat to eat. Share it at the table with some candles, no cell phones, no tv, just you two. A little tip - only buy what you'll eat that night. Don't buy the whole cake, it won't be special anymore when you're eating the leftovers the next couple days.

5. Go all out if you can. Find the best dinner you can afford to eat. Book a swanky hotel for a night. Buy the best bottle of wine or bourbon. Pick out the prettiest piece of jewelry. Make it totally over the top. (Not recommended for all...Use discretion.)

6. Keep a Valentine's Day book. Find a small, well-made journal, and write a note to each other every V-Day. The only rule: You're not allowed to read what the other person wrote until you've written yours. 

7. Try something new. Go to that restaurant you've been eyeing for 3 months. Try a dance class. Go paint and drink at an art studio. Find a complicated and interesting recipe to try together. There's such joy in exploring together!

For the single folks:

8. Get together with your friends. Go out to eat, make a meal together, head out for a walk. Just being with another person will relieve you of the V-Day pressure. And, call your parents and siblings!

9. Treat yourself. Wear your favorite item of clothing. Enjoy your favorite drink or cocktail. Draw a bath. Do something you love and don't allow yourself to feel bad about being alone, because being alone is not a bad thing!

10. Cook a really fabulous meal. I don't know what it is, but taking the time to cook something really special for just yourself is so therapeutic. If you "don't know how to cook" or "are bad at cooking", allow yourself a judgement-free night to carefully follow an intriguing recipe and improve your cooking skills. You'll get so wrapped up in, you won't even remember that Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday.