A Wild 2015, A Wilder 2016

This past year has been a wild, wild ride. The highs were pretty high, but the lows were pretty low. Overall, it has been a year of painful growth, though I can tell that 2016 is not going to be much different; but I'm certainly more excited about the things that will facilitate the painful growth. 

Wonders of Nature by Jannicke C Hallum on 500px.com

2015 forced me to look closely at my relationships, my past, my dreams and goals, life and death... Near death, death, healing, and life were constants in 2015, and I learned to accept these things and release them to God. My husband experienced even greater transformation this year, from being seriously injured to being accepted to one of the best MBA programs in the country. I discovered and accepted what I'm truly passionate about, and I've been able to articulate my own goals for possibly the first time in my life.

Palm trees growing on sandbar in tropical ocean by Gable Denims on 500px.com

2016 brings even more upheaval, but it's the kind that we're choosing and we're truly excited about it. I have a special project in development for this little brand right here. We're uprooting our life in Dayton in the next 6 months. We already have two vacations booked for the first half of the year. We have close friends achieving life milestones this year. It is truly the first time in my life, that I am as genuinely excited for my life as I am nervous. 

Endless Summer #2 (Click to view on Black) by Matt Anderson on 500px.com

I have hope for the year ahead. We live in a strange world, no doubt, but it is a waste to live your life in fear. I have lived many years in fear and anxiety, and I have missed many opportunities to be happy. I only have one life, and I intend to live it as fully, as openly, as lovingly, as fearlessly as I can. Many things don't happen the way we want them to, and many people do things that we cannot agree with, but that is no excuse for choosing not to embrace the life YOU have. It is YOUR life and you can choose how to respond the lives others live around you. It is a waste of your life to not be present in your own life. 

Paradise #2 by Matt Anderson on 500px.com

So, as we round the corner into 2016, I encourage you to take ownership of your decisions, your words, your desires, and your happiness. Maybe that means stepping away from social media, maybe that means finally embarking on a diet that will achieve your health goals, maybe that means talking openly about a problem in a relationship, maybe that means quitting your job to do what you actually love, maybe that means releasing your pride, maybe that means tackling your job with fearlessness. Maybe it means letting yourself experience the happiness you feel in moments throughout the day.

It's not worth it to live in fear. 

It's not worth it to live in fear. 

It's not worth it to live in fear.

Go out in the age of worry and say, "worry, get out of here."*

CHEERS to 2016!

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*Quote by John Mayer