What to buy?

Trying to decide how I want to spend some Christmas money...


These custom Aloha print Chucks are haunting me. What do you think of the color palette I chose?


Then again, with the temps dropping to single digits (and lower :( ) this week, this monogrammed fur trimmed bathrobe is still singing sweet lullabies in my ear.

And my husband's vote for a few additional clothing items is valid too. Poor man has had to listen to me complain about my empty wardrobe for a while now. I've been on a tossing spree; nothing is cute or fits me right and out it goes.

Another thing I'd love to get, is my own pair of boxing gloves and a new yoga mat. My cat destroyed my last mat. I've been eyeing the Tone It Up mat for a while. 


So what do you think? I cannot decide! Maybe I should just go with all of the above. Seems reasonable, huh?