Channeling Your Inner Beach Babe

I live in Ohio and at this time of year, the bleakness gets a bit depressing. Grey sky, grey snow, grey trees, grey skin.... Yikes. So how does one keep her inner beach babe alive and thrivin? Here are a few things I think might help (they help me!)

Plan your next vacation. Even if it's months or years out, beginning the process of booking your next vacation is so cathartic. Make a timeline of to-do's, create a pinboard, divert a portion of your income to a savings account. It's something to keep you occupied and looking forward! I'm dreaming of Tulum, Mexico, but I think we're just going to plan a little getaway to Florida in early spring.  


Wear bright colors! No need to drown yourself in black and grey, navy and maroon. Wear the bright colors you love, the boho pieces you're tempted to save for summer, the prints you can't stop obsessing over. Now, I admit, sometimes I love the dark colors for fall and winter, but the closer I get to spring, the more anxious I am to get back into my summer clothes, and some bright colors always help. I'm obsessed with the Goldfish Kiss custom Aloha print Chucks.

Wear a scent you love. Catching a whiff of your favorite scent that reminds you of beachier times is a wonderful moment in your day, a sort of secret you have with yourself. My go-to scent is Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. I also love catching a whiff of the Fresh Ocean Flowers candle in my studio, it reminds me of our hotel room in Granada. I'd also love to smell this scent, Coconut Milk Mango by Go Be Lovely. The other scents, Thai Lily and Cactus Verde also sound intriguing. Available in a standard bottle, or a mini roller ball

Read a getaway book. I love escaping into travel stories. Whether it's fiction or nonfiction, a good read can transport you thousands of miles away. What's on your must-read list? In Morocco by Edith Warton has been on my Amazon wishlist for a while now. 

Try some new beauty products. A new bronzer, new shimmery eye-shadow, gold hair spray, tropical nail wraps... The options are endless. 1. Shimmer Gold Spray by Brocato 2. Lena Flash Tats 3. Birds of Paradise Designer Nail Wraps by NCLA 4. Deluxe Bronzing Mousse by Loving Tan


Now go on, rock your faux tan and aloha print Chucks and be the one bright thing that walks through your neighborhood! :)

<3 Rebecca