Quality and Why It Matters

What's the difference between a $5 bikini and an $80 bikini?

Let us count the ways!

The $80 'kini

  • Made locally by someone you can actually talk to
  • Creative design by individuals with a passion
  • Attention to detail
  • Attention to fit and comfort (the joy of seamlessness - I'd like only two butt cheeks, you know?)
  • Focus on quality and durability
  • Consideration of function and use - why many higher priced bikinis are reversible 

The $5 swimsuit

  • Made in a country you've never heard of
  • Made by persons being payed a fraction of the US min wage
  • Less expensive (lower quality) materials (cut cost to maximize profits)
  • Generalized sizing
  • Consideration of profitability for the corporation
  • Basic design to appeal to the most conusmers

A quality swimsuit will last longer - especially being exposed to the harshness of sunscreen, sunlight, pool chemicals, concrete, sand, and sweat. It will flatter your body, important because wearing such a tiny amount of cloth is already uncomfortable. It will support designers and makers who live in your communities, which will ultimately benefit you. It will bring the good energy of care, interest, creativity, and passion into your life. 

Buy handmade, buy local, buy boutique, buy for you because you deserve nice things. 


xoxo Rebecca