Kathleen Takes Ecuador

It's been a while since we last heard about Kathleen and her super cool trip to Ecuador. See, there was a snafu with her photos, but she recovered a few and we've got them now!

Her verdict on her trip? "I had an absolutely, hands-down, amazing time in Ecuador. It truly was the trip of a lifetime!" Take a look at her amazing itinerary to refresh your memory. 

Kathleen took with her the Las Isletas reversible bikini, the Big Tote, and the Travel Wrap in violet. She had this to say: 

I got compliments on EVERYTHING! Especially the bag! Holy sh**, that bag is probably my favorite thing right now. Yes of all bags I own!! It is soooo dirty, because I used it non-stop for 6 days...The wrap was an all-purpose utility for me. Not only was it gorgeous, it was my go-to as: a wrap, a scarf, a head-wrap, a shawl, a wind-blocker, blanket, pillow, face cover for shade and basically anything I needed it for. I even tried to see if I could wear it as a dress, but that was a little dicey. Lol... All of my tan/burn lines are from your bikini. It was the only one I wore. Love the top and the colors were perfect for me!

Good to know! Thank you Kathleen for being a willing test subject and sharing photos!