Hawaii & The Fashion Show

Today my husband and I are beginning our journey to Hawaii. It's going to be a lot of traveling and nonsense, my husband has bronchitis, and we have middle seats on the second leg of the flight. We'll be those people. The ones hacking their lungs out and getting up to use the bathroom 100 times. Oh well. You can't be too upset sharing a plane with everyone on it going to freaking Hawaii, right?? 

Well, since we're going to be gone for the next week, I'll be unable to process orders. So any orders placed will not be fulfilled until the end of April. 

I'll be taking copious amounts of photos and Instagrams, so make sure you follow me (also Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook)! Of course I'll be sporting a different bikini and bag every day. So pumped. Lots of hiking, beach-laying, sushi-eating, stand-up paddle boarding will happen. (Praying I don't get sick.)

And thennnn, after we get back from Hawaii, it's basically a race against the clock to the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator fashion show weekend - A Weekend of (DE-FI)ance. The First Flight, Now Fashion Vintage Couture Ball is basically sold out of general admission tickets (!!!) but there will be $25 standing-room-only tickets. You can learn more about the event here. The Friday before is going to be a fun night. Urban Nights held in downtown Dayton will feature surprise makeovers, food, shopping, fashion show teasers... Basically, it's going to be one big, fun, fashion-focused street party.

Well, I think that takes care of things you should know about. Oh, but also new bikinis will be available by the time of the fashion show! I had a photo shoot last weekend that was amazing, just waiting on pics!

Before I go, here's a photo of Hawaii: