Dreaming of a Getaway

I have been obsessed with Morocco ever since I read King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. The story is about a mute boy, a mare and her foal, the fictionalized history of the Godolphin Arabian, predecessor of all Thoroughbreds. I was (am) THE horse-obsessed girl and this book turned me on to Morocco, land of mystery and enchantment. Of course my love of textiles, sand, dates, and alluring light has carried my obsession with Morocco into my present life, and it's at the top of my travel list. 

My dear sweet husband, knowing of my obsession, sent me a link to a Trip Advisor review written by his sister's friend. The link didn't work, but it did start make me looking at hotels, or riads, on Trip Advisor.



Nearly every riad listed has 4-5 stars, among thousands of reviews. The pictures are magical, depicting every wonderful thing you could imagine about Morocco - the textiles, the light between buildings, the lush courtyards, the tile and filigree, the architecture, the spas, the food...


Just look at the pictures, and the reviews for Riad Snan. Unbelievable, right? Just keep clicking, riad after riad after riad. The pictures are other worldly. Also, read this review of Moroccan spas... and look at the photos! UH!

Someday I'll get there. And I will eat my body weight in dates every day. 


In the meantime, I'm going to Oahu and Kauai in April! Woot woot! 


I'm stoked. (heh). We're going to do some camping and hiking on Kauai and we're definitely going to the taco truck on the North Shore. Heavens. Joe's sister is in the army and was stationed on Oahu for a few years. She's being transferred elsewhere, and this is our last chance to visit her in Hawaii. We'll take it and make it work. 

I'm so excited about Hawai'i. It's technically my birthday gift, too. Pretty sweet huh. I have the best husband. Hawai'i is such a wonderful place, like paradise - perfect weather, great food, so many activities. Ahhhh. 

So, where are you dreaming of getting away to? What's at the top of your travel bucket list? Any upcoming trips that have you giddy!? Talk to me friends!