A Weekend of (DE-FI)ance

Last week, while researching places to distribute my press release, I discovered the Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator, or DE-FI for short. They have a fashion week and runway show in May. It caught my eye, but was I too late to register?

Nope! In fact, they were in need of a swimsuit designer! So, with that, I am announcing that I will be exhibiting several swimsuits at the DE-FI Fashion Show the weekend of May 10. I am unsure of the exact date and time, but I'm definitely doing it!

I attended a meeting on Saturday, picked some models during the casting call, met some amazing people, and just ordered a few more fabrics for some new designs! That's right, new designs coming soon!

This week I need to put together a mood board of sorts with the items I'd like to show. I'll be collaborating with another designer who makes gorgeous Indian scarves, so I'll be keeping my edit pretty simple and focused on the bikinis. But, since I love love love Indian textiles and embellishments, this collab seems like the perfect fit for my aesthetic! I'm so excited.

So, please go check out DE-FI and block out the weekend of May 10 to attend this fashion show. I'm not sure what the ticket price will be, but please, please come. This is an amazing opportunity not only for me, but for Dayton and all the aspiring designers in Dayton, too.