Kathleen Heads to Ecuador

Today, our friend, Kathleen, heads to Ecuador with 10 of her friends for her birthday! (How amazing right!?)

So, while she's in transit, I thought I'd share her story, and give you all a little background on who she is and what she's doing!

Kathleen is a young, successful woman who works for my dad's business located in Wisconsin. When she heard what I was doing, she was a little bummed that I wouldn't have things for sale by the time she left for Ecuador. I saw an opportunity to let an adventurous traveler test drive my items, and to get a great story to share with anyone who might be reading this blog. Well I sent her a few items last week, and she's now on her way to Ecuador.

Head shot - Maderas.jpg

Now, Kathleen says she's not really the sort of person to take vacations very often, but when she does, she goes big. Her last trip was to Nicaragua, prior to that it was Mexico. One of best friends who splits his time between Wisconsin and his native Ecuador finally convinced her to take a vacation there, and she convinced one of her friends to tag along. It just so happened to coincide with her birthday (March 1st, Happy Birthday Kathleen!) and their friend collection snowballed to a total of 10! 

I just think it's amazing! And she's a woman after my own heart - "I am not a resort/tourist-y kind of girl," she says, "I want to interact with the locals in the communities, learn/live the language and the culture, eat the food (even if it looks gross and scares me – with the exception of fish and seafood…not happening), do what they do for fun and make some amazing memories along the way." 

I am sure she's going to have the trip of a lifetime. And I knew that before she sent me her itinerary, and guys, I'm dying over it. Like I'm just seriously getting so excited for her, as if I'm the one going! Ahhh!

 "Quito" by eRality on DeviantArt. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Quito-145366979

"Quito" by eRality on DeviantArt. http://www.deviantart.com/art/Quito-145366979

Here's a brief overview of the things she's going to be doing:

- Breakfast at La Cevicheria de La Floresta (if you ever come across ceviche in the tropics, eat it, my God, eat it.)

- Cathedral tours in Old Quito

- Carnaval dancing and partying

- Bonfire, party, grilling and a band at her friend's house in Nono Valley

- Horseback riding (!!!)

- Two nights in the jungle with tours and pool time

- Two nights in Salinas, with a trip to MontaΓ±ita Beach and Machalilla National Park

Can you believe this itinerary!? I'm giddy about it!

So stay tuned because Kathleen will be sending me photos and stories to share on here during her trip.

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