Maderas Beach Co. embodies the modern, adventurous woman. I make swimsuits that are comfy, sexy, versatile, and perfect for helping you become the woman you hope to find as you embark on your travels and pursuits. Putting a swimsuit on usually means you're going to do something pretty fun, and it's my goal to make that swimsuit help not hinder. All my suits are sold on Etsy, that includes Collection Suits and custom bikinis and one-pieces. Custom bikinis are such a cool process because you get as much control over the design as you want. They're perfect for honeymoons, girls' trips, and once-in-a-lifetime vacations! Read more over here!

About me: I currently live in Durham, NC with my husband, Joe; dog, Cooper; cat, Titus; and horse, Smoky. We love it here, two hours from the mountains, two hours from the beach, and mild winters! I adore travel, and it was when my husband and I took our honeymoon in Nicaragua that I found the space I needed to let inspiration grow. This life-changing trip inspired me to become who I wanted to be and led to the creation of Maderas Beach Co. 

The name comes from the beautiful Playa Maderas, or Wood Beach in Spanish. It's a sprawling beach north of San Juan del Sur, empty save for the few brave enough to take the road out there. It's a good fit, considering my affection for not just the tropical beach, but the woods, mountains, valleys and deserts that make traveling and nature so soul-opening. 

These suits are for the like-minded individuals out there, the ones brave enough to explore, get in the water, take the leap. Let's do it together.

Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.

Rebecca in Nicaragua wearing her first bikini

Rebecca in Nicaragua wearing her first bikini